4 Pitfalls to watch out for when you register a new company

Company Formation Agents exist to make the process of registering a company simple and straightforward and to deliver a properly registered company to the business owner. The formation agent acts as a go-between their client and Companies House. They gather all the information needed to form the company and transfer that information to Companies House on your behalf. Following incorporation, they provide you with all the required documents to confirm the validity of your company registration.


1. Can you trust the formation agent?

Formation Agents are regulated by HMRC and must be approved by the Regulator in order to operate legally. Formation Agents like Trusted Formations (part of Murphy Thompson Moore LLP) comply with high ethical standards and their operations are overseen by HMRC. It’s important that you use a regulated professional to ensure that your company will be properly registered.


2. Will you be getting the Model Articles?

getting the model articles

Most companies are now formed by using electronic registration techniques. This is software the agent has that “talks” the Government Gateway and checks company names, submit registration details and receives back Certificates of Incorporation. Companies formed this way use the Model Articles by default. These articles cover all the key operational decisions that a company can make and provide an important framework for the company “rules”.  Using the Model Articles is best for most new companies as it ensures you have covered all the important issues.


3. How much should this cost?

Company formation is very cost-effective. An electronic-only service where you input the required data into an online form and on registration, receive your company formation credentials, is speedy and low in cost. Trusted Formations charge £14 including VAT for this service. Quick, reliable and very cost-effective.  They have an option of a printed package service, but as you’d expect, this is more expensive, Trusted Formations charge £65 including post packing, delivery and VAT.


4. Where’s the backup?

When choosing a registration agent it’s good to know they are well established, have plenty of experience and there are knowledgeable staff that you can talk to if you have any questions or need help or guidance. Trusted Formations is part of Murphy Thompson Moore. They have been registering companies since 1995. You can therefore be confident that they know all the different company types and can give you the correct advice to register your company successfully.

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