What are the steps to forming a company?

Forming a company today is a straightforward and quick process if you use a well-established company registration agent. With the help of an agent like Trusted Formations, your company can be registered in less than 3 hours.

Company registration agents simplify the company registration process for you. They are often online, like Trusted Formations and their step-by-step websites make the process quick and for as little as £14.

But have you ever wondered what forming a company involves? Well, here we take a look behind the scenes and explain the four key stages – promotion, incorporation, subscribing for capital and commencing in business.


The 4 steps to forming a company


Step 1: Promotion

“Promotion” is the first step. Here you discuss your ideas, work out if there is a gem of a business there, and settle on details like the company name (click for free name check tool here), the registered office address, and who will represent the company once it is incorporated.


Step 2: Incorporationcompany incorporation meeting when forming a company

“Incorporation” is where your company formation agent will come in handy. They will link directly to Companies House and submit your incorporation request to Companies House on your behalf. Once Companies House approves the details, you’ll get your all-important Certificate of Incorporation, and your Memorandum and Articles sent over to you electronically.


Step 3: Subscribe For Capital

You “subscribe for capital” when you agree to incorporate the company, which is done in the Memorandum. Keep things simple initially, and have one or two shares; you can easily subscribe for more capital once your company is registered. The Memorandum is prepared for you by your company registration agent and lodged with Companies House when your company applies for incorporation.


Step 4: Commence In Business After Forming Your Company

Well, now your company is registered, that is to say, “incorporated”, you are ready to commence in business. Hopefully, now begins putting that business idea into action and making a success of things. Your company registration agents services don’t stop there, of course. You may have chosen them to be your registered office, or you may need their help with issuing more shares or that all-important annual Confirmation Statement.

online registration process


In conclusion

Company registration agents like Trusted Formations register large numbers of companies each year. They have experienced staff to help with any questions you may have about how to register your company or help you through the online registration process. Trusted Formations even have a free WhatsApp help service available on their website, as well as a free company name check tool.

Get yourself off to the right start by using an experienced registration agent, like Trusted Formations. And good luck with your business!

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