Is Your Business Registration off to the Right Start?

If you’ve had a great business idea and you are keen to get going, the last thing you want is administrative obstacles getting in the way!
Registering your company will be an important first step, but there are some important decisions to make at the outset to ensure you get things right.

The Three Big Things To Consider During Business Registration Are:

  • The company name
  • Who the directors and shareholders will be
  • What will be the business (registered office) address?

You’ll want to decide on these before you set up your company as all these details will be available to see at Companies House the minute your company is registered.

Company Name Registration

Trusted Formations provide a free instant company name check on their website which will let you know if your company name is available – there are over 2 million names registered already, so do check before you commit yourself to any stationery or signage etc.

What About The Directors and Shareholders?

If it’s just you, you can appoint yourself as the sole director and take one share in the company – this keeps things simple and can be a really good plan if you are uncertain about involving others until the time is right.

Company Name Registration

Registered Office Address

For your registered office, you may want to avoid using your home address and this is where you could take advantage of the registered office service. But not all registered office addresses are equal. A registered office in a recognised business district where your mail from Companies House and HMRC is handled, lets people know you are a serious business. Trusted Formations are based in the prestigious central Manchester business district on King Street.

Tax Registration

You will need to consider tax registrations too. With regards to registering for VAT, You could register voluntarily or you may be required to register if your turnover is going to exceed the VAT threshold, which is £85,000 in a year.

Tax Registration

Formation agents such as Trusted Formations offer a combination of services where they will register your company and deal with any tax registrations, such as VAT registration.

This can be done as part of a package of services and will save you time and money. VAT is the most complex tax to register for. Getting it done by an expert will save you a lot of time and hassle.  The experts at Trusted Formations have the know-how to get your VAT registration done quickly and efficiently.

If you can find a reliable formation agent like Trusted Formations to get your company and vat registration done as part of a package, this will be more convenient for you.

You’ll have a single point of contact and you will be kept fully informed about the progress of your company registration and your VAT registration. You will also receive expert advice on choosing a company name and be guided through the complexities of a VAT registration by experienced personnel.

Definitely, something to consider if you want to get your business off to the right start and avoid delays.

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