Company Secretarial Services

The Company Secretary is the guide found in the background of every well run business organisation, on hand to provide advice and certainty to directors, in a complex and regulated environment. Find out how we can fulfill this role for your company.

Corporate services for small to medium businesses and practices.

Based in central Manchester, Murphy Thompson Moore LLP (MTM) are corporate services providers, providing day to day company secretarial support to accountants, solicitors, leaseholders and entrepreneurs.

MTM are skilled and professional advisors who will be able to keep you abreast of changes in company law and practice, attend to the formalities required to keep good corporate governance and ensure that you have a complete set of statutory records for your company .

We will take an active concern in the well being of your company and help you to meet deadlines set by the Companies Act and government regulations for the filing of documents, without the risk of prosecution or penalties.

We work hard to deliver a top quality service and to provide you, our client, with fast and efficient technical support.

The Company Secretary is the guide who sits in the background of every well run business organisation, on hand to provide advice and certainty to directors, in a complex and regulated environment.
We are able to deal with all your Company Secretarial needs:
  • Professional Advisory Services
  • Outsourced Company Secretarial Specialists
  • Compliance
  • Share Captial
  • Appointments
  • Mortgages & Charges
  • Restructuring
  • Groups and Associates
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • AGMs (Annual GeneralMeetings)
  • Director Service Contracts
  • Employee Contracts
  • HR Handbooks
  • Registrar Services
  • Statutory Books
Our business is to keep you in business. 
Should you require any information or require advice on any matter relating to a Company from set up to strike off, resolutions for share issues, termination of directors appointment or any other matter do not hesitate to call us on 0161 835 2080 or email us here.

Need some initial advice? Give us a call for a friendly chat on 0161 835 2080

Many accounting firms offer a very simple but limited service. They will prepare your accounts from your accounting records and produce sets of reports to comply with your obligations.

Although this is fine, we believe that you would like a better service.

If you engage Murphy Thompson Moore as your accountants, we will fullfill the accounting needs and build a complete picture of your businesses financial position as we do this.  We’ll also prepare meaningful reports that explain the detail behind the numbers and what this means for the future of your business.

We will discuss the financial progress of your business at regular meetings or telephone conferences.

Your records can be informative about the recent past, but they can also serve as a useful guide to the coming year by helping you pick out trends and prepare for the year ahead.

We can carry out our work for you using cloud accounting software or desktop software. Where we use cloud accounting software, you will be able to log in to your accounting records and work entirely independently of any work we may be doing for you. If you have desktop accounting software we can connect remotely using Remote Desktop or other similar software.

If you are in business you need to keep up to date business records, ensuring you comply with HMRC's requirements. These requirements include ensuring your records up to date by regular maintenance and are never more than three months behind at any time.

At Murphy Thompson Moore we can deal with the maintenance of your records for you.  Alternatively we can assist you with software and training to enable you to undertake this task yourself.   We can tailor our working processes to suite your needs by using either desktop or cloud based accounting software.  For smaller businesses, custom spreadsheets can make your records much more easy to manage.  We can advise as to the best system for your business.

Some clients prefer to concentrate solely on their business and will rely on us to provide a complete bookkeeping and accounting package. We’re very happy to meet this requirement as part of our service which can be incorporated in our fixed fee service.

For VAT registered clients, we can maintain your records as part of our VAT preparation and filing service.

If you wish to discuss how we can help you maintain your business records, please Contact us for a discussion and we will be happy to advise.

If you have employees, you will need to operate payroll. You can do this using a payroll bureau or you can ask us, as your accountants, to do this for you.

Payroll requires regular, efficient calculation of pay due and submission of payment information to HMRC on or before payment is made. The current system required by HMRC is called RTI. This stands for Real Time Information.

An added complexity of employing staff is that you now need to set up a Workplace Pension Scheme.  For many employers this can be a daunting prospect.  Considerable preparation is involved and if you have a “staging date” (which means you have been notified of the date by which you must have a work place pension in place by the Pension Service, you need to act now)

Payroll and set up of work place pensions are best handled by your accountant. There are a number of providers in the market and costs can vary significantly. So can the value of contributions to your employees eventual pension.

We recommend an early discussion with Murphy Thompson Moore so that we can assess your current position, determine if you need a payroll scheme and whether or not you need to have a work place pension.

We can run your payroll efficiently and in line with your normal pay frequencies. Our simple monthly fee covers all pay runs, leavers and joiners and end of year processing.

If you already have a payroll scheme and are considering a transfer, please be reassured that transfer of an existing payroll is handled by our team for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

The profits of your business are subject to tax. The tax you pay will depend on the structure of your business.  For limited companies profits are taxable under the corporation tax system, whereas sole traders and partnerships are dealt with in the self-assessment system.

As a director of a company you will have to file a tax return.

As a client of Murphy Thompson Moore, operating through a limited company, you can expect a service which includes the preparation your accounts, corporation tax return and all tax computation.

As a client of Murphy Thompson Moore, operating as a Partnership, we will prepare the partnership accounts, the partnership tax returns and the individual partners tax returns.

For Sole Traders, we will prepare the Self Assessment tax return.

As part of our service, we will look at your business profits and offer you advice on the most tax efficient way to extract profits from your business. Our advice will be straightforward and in plain English. We do not promote or advocate any tax saving schemes.

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